Kinective Media United Latest Tech Innovation: More Personalized Ads 2024

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United Airlines introduces new Ad Platform called Kinective Media, which will allow marketers to target ads on United’s Inflight Entertainment & App channels.

What is Kinective Media?

Kinective Media, a unique advertising technology platform that uses travel behavior insights to deliver personalized advertising, content, and offers from top brands. This platform leverages United’s data to create anonymized audience segments, allowing marketers to reach customers via United’s mobile app, inflight entertainment screens, and other channels.

Kinective Media is already collaborating with major brands like Norwegian Cruise Line, Macy’s, Chase United Co-Brand Credit Cards, Televisa Univision, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and agency groups such as Dentsu. The platform targets various sectors including retail, luxury goods, financial services, automotive, media, and travel.

The formal commercial launch of Kinective Media is set to take place at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“We’ve built a first-of-its-kind, real-time, adtech-enabled traveler media network where brands have already started connecting to premium audiences at an unmatched scale,” said Richard Nunn, CEO of MileagePlus. “Unlike some commerce media platforms, United gives brands across a wide range of industries the ability to reach engaged customers throughout the entire marketing funnel – from brand consideration to conversion – in a way that’s highly personalized and relevant, and we’re already seeing impressive results. There has been a huge strategic shift within this high growth sector in the past five years where advertisers and brands have come together to determine how best to connect with consumers in a way that’s valuable, effective and personalized.”

United views this move to grow loyalty among its Mileage Plus members.

Kinective Media Ad Channels

Kinective Media’s primary channels include:

  1. United’s Mobile App: The world’s most downloaded airline app, with over 110 million downloads and nearly 100 million monthly sessions. The app includes features like automatic seat preference switching and live flight notifications.
  2. Inflight Entertainment Screens: United has nearly 100,000 seatback screens offering free access to a wide range of content. The screens provide personalized flight information and are available in over 20 languages. New aircraft will feature enhanced HD touch screens across different classes.

Kinective Media
United Kinective Media will target IFE Screens on United Planes

Kinective Media aims to enhance travel experiences and build customer loyalty while offering brands an unprecedented way to connect with premium audiences.


As a tech professional I could not resist weighing on this story. United makes it clear that ad targeting will only be for US based customers over 18 years old and there is an opt out. I dislike ads as other passengers, however, at the end of the day airlines run a very competitive business with low margins. If the revenue generated from ads will be reinvested to improve customer experience I view it as a net positive. Of course this remains to be seen.

Let’s analyze Richard Nunn’s statement a bit more closely:

“We’ve built a first-of-its-kind, real-time, adtech-enabled traveler media network where brands have already started connecting to premium audiences at an unmatched scale.”

I am a little surprised to see United of all airlines be the first to publicly launch an ad platform. Delta for years has stated they are tech first airline so I’m suprised to see United beat Delta. I anticipate seeing Delta launch a similar product at some point. The other part of this statement makes it sound like United is taking inspiration from Google. Google has been using ad-tech for years & Google makes billions off that revenue stream.

I am noting a larger shift in how the big three airlines view technology lately. The big three US Airlines are viewing technology more as an asset rather than a large cost center. For example, I was watching a video earlier about technology at American Airlines to streamline operations. Similarly, Delta Air Lines came out with Delta Studio which targets frequent flyers with various offers inflight through their free wi-fi offering. In summary it’s nice to see the airlines take technology seriously. I am excited to cover more innovations.

Earlier this year I flew a variety of flights on United Airlines (flight review coming soon), I found United PTV to have ads that are generic, if I recall correctly the ads were frequently repeating on one loop so by the end of the flight I memorized the ad sequence…. I hate it to say it but different targeted ads would be a net positive rather than a generic loop.

I hope to fly United at some point again and will have my full thoughts on the new targeted ads in a future flight review.

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