The Story Behind Nerd Ka Travel

The Beginning

I’ve loved planes for as long as I can remember. As a child I would spend countless hours learning about aviation. My family and friends thought I would go into aviation. That didn’t happen, life with its many twists and turns introduced me to coding. I soon fell in love with coding. I obtained multiple degrees in Computer Science. However, aviation and travel was always on my mind.  In 2020, I started a YouTube & Instagram page. Nerd Ka Travel came up from a brainstorming session with a family member. Ka translates to of (ka is an Urdu / Hindi word). My goal is to help others and share my knowledge in airlines, flying, and travel through this website.

The Inspiration

My excitement to work on Nerd Ka travel grew during a content collection trip. I was at an airline hub after a thunderstorm had rolled through, I saw passengers tired, & confused about getting to their destinations due to their flight being delayed or cancelled. After years of experiencing and learning about delays. I am well equipped to help make delays, and other travel headaches less strenuous. 

Fast forward, I started posting on Instagram regularly I learned that I could share something more than just tips about flight delays. I could cover a whole array of topics relating to travel, such as travel news, flight reviews, & travel advice. I quickly realized that I needed a blog to cover topics in more detail, my hope is you learn something and get value out of the information I provide!

The Conclusion

The story per say is not finished. I have a lot of ideas I’d love share. At the end of the day my hope is you get value and find my content valuable. I am excited to see what’s next on this journey!
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