Bubbling Bliss: A Review of World Of Coca Cola In Atlanta, GA plus 5 tips

Alt text: A sign on a wall reads "World of Coca-Cola" with the words "World of" in smaller red letters and "Coca-Cola" in larger, stylized red script. Above the text is a red rectangular sign with a white silhouette of a Coca-Cola bottle.

As a young child I vividly recall visiting the World Of Coca Cola Museum with enthusiasm and excitement. When I got the chance to visit Atlanta in October 2023 I decided to stop by. In this review, I’d like to show you a first-hand account of my experiences at the Coca Cola Factory (World of Coca Cola) from booking to the end. This review is divided into sections. At the end of the review I will also share my top tips to make the most of your visit to the World of Coca Cola. World Of Coca Cola is located in downtown Atlanta by Georgia Aquarium.

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I chose to go through tiqets.com to book my visit. This was my first time using their service.

As a software engineer, I like to pay close attention to websites. In particular I like to pay close attention to the user experience known in the business as the user interface to see if it is up to modern design standards. I was impressed with tiqets interface. The checkout process was easy and I soon received an email with my ticket.

A nice perk of buying the ticket online is you get to skip the line and head straight into the venue if you purchase your ticket from tiqets.

The Visit at World Of Coca Cola Factory

As mentioned it was nice to bypass the ticket line and enter the museum

World Of Coca Cola Tickets

After I got my ticket scanned I was led into a holding area waiting for others to join us.

a large art on the ceiling of a building

The Loft

After a short wait we were taken to an area known as The Loft

The Loft had all sorts of artifacts from various time periods in Coca Cola’s history

a group of bottles in a room

Our host talked a bit about Coca Cola’s history and picked on the audience members who were not paying attention. After the discussion the guide led us to an auditorium to have us watch a promotional film about people drinking and celebrating Coca Cola.

While watching the film I was disappointed that most of the tour so far was guided. Yes I realize this is the first 15 mins but a guided tour is not what I signed up for! This would soon change, however.

Main Hall

After watching the promotional film we were soon let loose into a large hall with two floors consisting a variety of exhibits to visit. I decided to explore the lower floor first.

a large building with many people

Lower Level

The two exhibits that were open were the milestones of refreshment & the vault holding the Coca Cola recipe. When I visited the Coca Cola Factory two exhibits were under construction and opening in Fall 2023. As this was October 2023 it was clearly behind schedule just like this blog post… (my poor attempt at making a joke…)

a red and white sign


Anyway onto the milestones of Refreshment. As the name implies it was a walk-through of each milestone in Coca Cola’s history. I will touch briefly on the highlights I saw while touring this exhibit.

Back in the 1800s soft drinks were typically found in drug stores.

a counter with a soda dispenser

Seen here is an image of mixing the coca syrup to serve to customers

a statue of a man mixing food in a bowl

What surprised me the most is that Coke cost only 0.05 at the time. My finance dept would’ve loved that… (finance dept is an imaginary dept that formed as a joke on my instagram… because everyone says bank accounts…)

a sign on a wall

The bottling systems is the foundations of how Coca Cola business works

a rectangular sign with text on it

They had this cool display of bottles with all their brands that were best sellers. The display was called Our Best Selling Brands.

a group of cans and bottles

After visiting the milestone exhibit I went into The Vault. I was not deterred by the long line to enter the Vault.

The Vault

a metal arch with gold letters

Upon entering the vault we went through additional prep before we were granted access into the vault.

a metal gate with a sign on it

Once inside the vault it looked similar to a bank vault. What proceeds next is a series of exhibits before we finally get to see the secret formula.

a group of lockers with white text

The Coca Cola Company used a variety of techniques to protect their brand. One such technique is displayed below by offering a $500 reward

a wall with a sign and a picture of a soda bottle

The suspense was building as we got closer to the secret formula

a sign on a wall

Unfortunately Coca Cola did not want us to compete with them so they conveniently did not let us touch the vault. We warned to keep our distance from the formula. Otherwise guards would come out of nowhere and there would be punishments. They seemed pretty serious so I did not try this out.

a metal hinge on a red wall
a glass box with a light inside

Otherwise we would get into big trouble.

Conveniently one of the screens had an out of memory exhibit

a screen shot of a computer screen

The out of memory error added to the mystique of not knowing the recipe

I’m joking out of memory errors happen when a computer reads information from the wrong slot upon realizing it basically says oops….

The lower floor certainly didn’t feel like it was worth it in my opinion.

Second Floor

a large building with many people

Other Exhibits

Let’s move onto the second floor. There were a couple of areas I decided to skip namely I wanted to move into something else. I skipped the imax movie show and getting my picture taken with a polar bear mascot. That did not seem interesting to me. I am a nerd after all… In this upper-level Coca Cola also had pop culture (more history of Coca Cola) & scent discovery. Scent discovery basically explores the connection between smells and memories. Scent discovery had a long line when I went So plan accordingly

a sign on the ceiling of a store
a sign on the wall

Taste it

My favorite exhibit is taste it! Where you taste drinks from all over the world They seem to have different flavors every month Check the latest flavors here.

a group of soda dispensers

You can buy a cup for $5 (at the time of this visit) to take your favorite flavor home!

a red sign with white text

Museum Gift Shop and Exit

a store with shelves of products

As customary in every tourist area there was a museum gift shop. I decided to pass.

Is the World of Coca Cola Worth it?

it’s worth it for all age groups and it made for a fun afternoon.

The second floor was much better than the first floor as it had better activities

It took me about an hour to complete, however please note I did not visit all the attractions.

5 Tips maximize your visit to World Of Coca Cola:

  1. I would recommend purchasing the ticket through tiqets.
  2. Depending on the size of your group and how long you want to take reading exhibit I’d estimate 1-3 hours for adults. For families with children I’d say around 4-5 hours. Weekends may increase these estimates.
  3. I would prioritize visiting the upstairs attractions first (but don’t go through taste it as you exit the museum save taste it for last)
  4. Some exhibits will have long lines so I’d advise visiting the ones with shorter lines first.
  5. While in Atlanta if you wish to visit more than one attraction I’d recommend buying the city pass as it’s a cost effective option than buying a ticket separately:

Other packages to make the most out of your visit while in Atlanta

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