JetBlue Ireland Flights Launch Competing With Established Legacy Airlines March 2024

A JetBlue airplane is parked at an airport gate, connected to a jet bridge labeled "C25." The aircraft is white with blue accents and has "jetBlue" written on the side and tail. Various ground service equipment, including a baggage cart, a pushback tug, and other utility vehicles, are positioned around the plane. The sky is overcast, and the airport terminal buildings are visible in the background.

JetBlue continues to expand the number of transatlantic destinations served by launching a daily seasonal non-stop from both New York (JFK) & Boston (BOS) to Dublin, Ireland (DUB) this past week. This post will cover the launch, the aircraft, how to use points or cash to book, and a brief analysis.

JetBlue Ireland Flights News

JetBlue adds a new destination to it’s growing transatlantic route map, Dublin (DUB) the route is served seasonally from New York (JFK) & Boston (BOS). Existing airlines on this route are Aer Lingus, & Delta Air Lines.

This seasonal route will operate through September 30, 2024.

JetBlue first launched transatlantic flights to London in 2021 with a narrowbody aircraft the Airbus A321Neo. JetBlue continues to grow their international presence with a network consisting of London, Paris, Amsterdam, & now Dublin. 

“JetBlue’s entrance into Dublin is set to introduce a new era of low fares and great service between Ireland and the Northeast.” Joanna Geraghty, JetBlue, Chief Executive Officer continues: “We look forward to introducing our award-winning Mint and core service to business and leisure customers traveling to and from Dublin just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day and the summer holiday season.”


JetBlue serves Dublin with its Mint configured Airbus A321 Neo Aircraft which features 

  • 14 fully enclosed Mint Suites 
  • 2 Mint Studio Seats wider and with a bed when compared to regular mint suites 
  • 42 Extra legroom seats branded as Even More Space
  • 144 JetBlue Coach Seats
  • 32 rows
  • 160 total seats

Flight Schedule

8:47 pm – 9:00 am (+1)8:42 pm – 8:20 am (+1)
10:45 am – 1:22 pm10:55 am – 12:57 pm
Both flights operate daily until September 30, 2024

The new flight is to target Tourism as Alice Manserg Tourism Ireland CEO explains:

“We are delighted that JetBlue has chosen to initiate new nonstop services to Ireland. The introduction of the new routes from New York and Boston to Dublin is exciting news for tourism to the island of Ireland. We look forward to working closely with JetBlue to maximize the promotion of these services. Direct, convenient, and competitive access is critical to tourism.”

” “We look forward to introducing our award-winning Mint and core service to business and leisure customers traveling to and from Dublin just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day and the summer holiday season.” – lice Manserg Tourism Ireland CEO

How To Book JetBlue Ireland Flights with Points?

JetBlue has its own loyalty program called TrueBlue that allows flyers to book multiple flights including flights to Ireland on Jetblue.

A quick search on JetBlue shows coach going for 39K – 45K points. JetBlue mint is 285K+ points as of this post. 

Multiple credit cards, such as Chase & Amex transfer to JetBlue at generally a 1:1 ratio some cards are less i.e. 250:200 points.

In my opinion, JetBlue Coach is probably a better redemption if a promotion isn’t ongoing from a credit card company.

How much is a Cash Ticket JetBlue Ireland flight?

While airfare pricing varies with demand and is often hard to predict. JetBlue has limited fares for $399, $499, €399, €499 in Coach and $1999, $2499, €1999, €2499 in mint. Actual pricing will vary according to demand considering JetBlue Ireland flights is during the summer I’d anticipate pricing to be higher than the introductory fares since the summer is a busy travel season.


It’s exciting to see JetBlue use the A321Neo on transatlantic flights.  More options is a great thing, JetBlue joins Aer Lingus, & Delta on JFK – DUB & BOS – DUB with flights to Ireland.

I’m sure if JetBlue Ireland flights do well, JetBlue could possibly make it all year. The narrowbody A321 Neo is a perfect fit to make a route like this work due to it’s range and lower capacity. Big widebody aircraft are much more expensive to operate these narrowbody aircraft make it possible for narrowbody airlines like Jetblue to operate flights to Ireland.

I would love to cover this route at some point in a future flight review.



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